In which Misstillyflop returns and has much news!

So it’s been a while, hasn’t it!

Almost three years since I cycled to Paris, had intimate “problems” and raised tonnes of dosh for Mind (thanks to you wonderful guys – thanks!).

Since then I have done a few more cycle rides: The Diva 100 (again) and The Norwich 100 (not as flat as I had anticipated).

I bought a new companion for Lady Bikelor:



And some other stuff  happened too:

View More:


So not much, really.


I decided it was time that I picked this blog back up, as much for my tenuous grip on sanity as much as anything else (is there really anyone actually reading this out there?)

I have been busy in the work departement, though. And I am currently working on a new show, The Cherry Orchard at the Jack Studio Theatre, Brockley, which runs from 15th July – 2nd August 2014.  I play the weird and wonderful Charlotta – governess, table magician and thief of old men’s hearts.

I also play the clarinet in it, which is a little bit terrifying, as I haven’t picked it up since 1995 and it often sounds like a duck has fallen down a ravine when I do practice. Having said that, we had our first musical reherasal today and it felt so wonderful to be part of an orchestra again, after NINETEEN (oh holy, holy mother of Preperation H) years’ break.

One thing I do not remember from my youth, is the amount of discomfort which comes from playing a clarinet, possibly because of my complete lack of dedication at the time to practicing longer than 15 minutes at a time, or possibly due to my current decriptude.  But I am determined, I will develop the bionic arm and lip neccesary to be the best clarinet-blower EVER.*

So if you are in town on the dates above, please feel free to pop along. Jokes aside, I am so excited to FINALLY be doing a Chekhov (Anton, not Pavel) play.

Anyway, more puffity puffing of my clarinet to do, so more from me later.

*By best, I may mean “not the worst.”



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